What is the characteristics of the automatic brick free machine

At present, among the types of brick making equipment on the market, the most popular one is the full-automatic no burning brick machine, which has the characteristics of fast molding speed and quick effect. Therefore, many waste brick manufacturers have introduced this type of mechanical equipment. According to the main characteristics of this type of equipment, there are also the following summary for reference.

First, the workflow of the equipment.

No burning brick machine equipment, with corresponding mixing barrel. Its mixing barrel can carry out full-automatic mixing, at the same time, in the mixing process, it can also carry out corresponding mixing for some plastic materials or semi dry hard materials. In the mixing process, it can’t carry out repeated feeding. Because repeated feeding may increase the load of the full-automatic no burning brick machine, leading to machine blockage or excessive noise. Of course, after the successful mixing of the mixing bucket, positive continuous mixing is needed. Of course, after enough mixing time, reverse discharging can be carried out, and the mixed materials can be sent out in the opposite direction, so as to realize the next molding and extrusion The procedure of pressing. In this process, the ring gear plays a great role. It is not only the main assistant of stirring, but also an important bearing for the machine to realize free operation.


Secondly, the scope of application of the equipment.

In view of the scope of application of the full-automatic no burning brick machine equipment, obviously experts have also made a summary. They think that this type of manufacturing equipment is more suitable for some bridge brick applications, or some construction site brick applications. Of course, some large factories can also be used, especially the concrete component factory can make rational use of these bricks. Their application scope is relatively wide. At the same time, the sales field of this solid waste has been expanded infinitely.


Third, the main advantages of the equipment.

As we all know, the automatic brick machine is a relatively advanced brick making equipment. This kind of equipment is more beautiful in appearance, realizes the fully automatic design, and its shape is relatively small. Therefore, when we use it, it will not occupy a large space area, and it is convenient to move, so it can be used repeatedly in many work areas. Of course, the waste utilization rate of the equipment has reached 95%. At the same time, various solid waste raw materials can be scientifically compared to realize the mixing and forming pressure of the mixing barrel, and finally form the commonly used bricks in the market, so its utilization range has been greatly increased.

Because the researchers have studied the structure of the full-automatic no burning brick machine, its structure is more reasonable and relatively simple, and its maintenance is also very convenient. Of course, the most striking thing is that the efficiency of the equipment is relatively high when it is used. With the improvement of production efficiency, the manufacturer can save more time and energy, thus greatly improving the profit space. Of course, fast molding and quick effect make this type of brick making equipment very popular in the market. Many manufacturers have begun to purchase and introduce equipment, which greatly improves the efficiency of solid waste treatment in China. Now hundreds of thousands of tons of solid waste will not affect the environment, but put into production again to realize the second commercial value. Of course, we also need to follow the technical and safety requirements when using the equipment, so as to avoid damaging the equipment and increasing the repair funds due to blind use and ignorance of the taboos, which is also a waste for the production enterprises.海格力斯15型

Post time: Apr-13-2021