Hercules L block machine

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The Hercules series concrete block machine is the high-end machine from the HONCHA company. Depending on the market situation,the client can choose the automatic level. What makes it stand out is its modular structure and many years of experience in machine construction combined with lastest progress in technology. Easy operation and requirements on maximum safety guarantee the highest degree of economic efficiency for the customer.

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Hercules L

Hercules is your best choice for



-High Productivity

-High Quality

with wide range of products such as concrete blocks, pavers, kerbs, retaining wall units, planters and etc.

——Core Technology——

1.Smarter Factory &Easier Management

* High Precise Laser Scanning System

* Easy Production Date Management

* Automatic Warning Sign And Stop System For Wrong Products

* Real-time Production Process Monitoring Either By Mobile Or Computer.

Product laser scanning device

Product laser scanning device

Control computer

Control computer

Remote control&monitoring in office

Remote control&monitoring in office

Mobile monitoring system

Mobile monitoring system

2.Mechanical Parts

* Main Frame Consists Of 3 Moveable Parts, Easier For Maintenance

* Base Frame Is Made By 70mm Solid Steel Structure, Able To Stand Long-Time Strong Vibration

* 4 Synchronized Vibration Motor, More Efficient Vibration, Frequency Controlled

* Bolts and Nuts Design For All Spare Parts, User-Friendly For Maintenance.

* Automatic& Quick Mould Change Device(Within 3 Mins)

* Higher Block Height:Max.500mm

Machine hopper

German Technical Programming

Over 100 product recipes provided

Easy operation-visualized touch screen

Precise frequency vibration

Control program-High capacity inverter

Remote control for trouble-shooting

Powerful Hydraulic System

Powerful Hydraulic System   

 Hydraulic pump with higher capacity(75kw)

 High speed control by proportional valves

——Model detail——


Vibration table

Filling box

Filling box

Mold clamp

Mold clamp

Quick mold changer

Quick mold changer

——Model Specification——

Hercules L Model Specification

Main Dimension(L*W*H) 7200*2450*3600mm
Useful Moulding Area(L*W*H) 1280*1050*40~500mm
Pallet Size(L*W*H) 1400*1100*40mm
Pressure Rating 15Mpa
Vibration 120~160KN
Vibration Frequency 2900~4800r/min (adjustment)
Cycle Time 15s
Power(total) 105KW
Gross Weight 20T


★For reference only

——Simple Production Line——

01 Automatic Stacker For Hercules L System 7.5KW
02 Block Sweeper For Hercules L System  
03 Block Conveying System For Hercules L System 2.2KW
04 Hercules L Block Machine EV Hercules L System 105KW
05 Dry Mix Conveyor 8m 2.2KW
06 Pallets Conveying System For Hercules L System 11KW
07 Bulk pallet feeder For Hercules L System  
08 Cement silo 50T  
09 JS2000 Enhanced Mixer JS2000 70KW
10 3-Compartments Batching Station PL1600 III 13KW
11 Screw Conveyor 12m 7.5KW
12 Cement Scale 300KG  
13 Water Scale 100KG  
A Fork Lift (Optional) 3T  
B Face Mix Section (Optional) For Hercules L System  

★The above items can be reduced or added as needed. such as: cement silo(50-100T),screw conveyor, batching machine, automatic pallet feeder ,wheel loader, folk lift, air compressor.

—— Production Capacity——

Hercules L Prouduction Boards:1400*1100     Production Area:1300*1050     Stone Height:40~500mm
Proudct Size(mm) Face mix Pcs/cycle Cycles/min Prodcution/8h Production cubic m/8h
Standard Brick 240×115×53 X 80 4 153,600 225
Hollow block 400*200*200 X 15 3.5 25,200 403
Hollow block 390×190×190 X 15 4 14,400 203
Hollow Brick 240×115×90 X 40 4 76,800 191
Paver 225×112.5×60 X 40 4 76,800 116
Paver 200*100*60 X 54 4 103,680 124
Paver 200*100*60 O 54 3.5 90,720 109

★For Reference Only

★Other brick sizes not mentioned may provide drawings to inquire about specific production capacity.

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