What are the obvious advantages of no burning brick machine

Unburned brick machine is a professional equipment to produce brick. It can be divided into different types according to the different forming speed. At present, the more active hydraulic forming equipment is sold on the market, which has many advantages. For example, it can mobilize mechanical and electrical as one for self diagnosis of defects, and has relatively high safety performance.

景观砖 1

The full-automatic selection of no burning brick machine is the concealed oil way to reduce the space treatment, which can improve the power according to the shortened oil pipe. The primary components of the application are imported from Germany, which has greater pressure, and fundamentally solves the oil leakage of different degrees due to the long-time operation of the equipment. In the control of the use of PLC control system, all choose the display of the Chinese interface, so that in the operation time to provide more convenience to the user, the selection of stepless frequency control program can be based on the material to change the action, it is more flexible.

Post time: Jan-04-2021