What are the auxiliary equipment used in automatic brick making machine

Automatic brick making machine can complete all the production process, not only such a machine to complete, but use a lot of auxiliary equipment to assist, thus completing all the production process. For these auxiliary equipment, they play a considerable role. Next, we will introduce these auxiliary equipment.

The first auxiliary equipment used in the automatic brick making machine is the batching machine. The raw materials used by this machine are river sand, sea sand, dust, chemical slag, etc., and then appropriate water, cement and other materials are added. The proportion of each material used is different. At this time, in order to fully guarantee that the secret recipe used will not make mistakes, the batching machine should be used Yes. Batching machine can effectively break the defects of manual batching, and can match the proportion of each material, so that the strength of just produced bricks can be guaranteed.

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The second auxiliary equipment used in the automatic brick making machine is the mixer. If manual mixing is carried out, it may not be able to mix all the raw materials together fully, because the requirements for this production process are very high. It is very necessary to use the mixer at this time, because it uses the machine for mixing, and uses electricity to provide power source, so as to be able to keep mixing. All the raw materials are fully integrated together, and there will be no partial dense and partial sparse situation. Of course, in addition to the use of conveyor belt and other auxiliary equipment, in the process of receiving materials, the conveyor belt should be used for transportation. When the product production is completed, the conveyor belt is also needed to transport the produced products, so the conveyor belt also plays a good role.

Post time: Sep-28-2020