The Precision and Application of Cement Brick Machine

The accuracy of the cement brick making machine determines the accuracy of the workpiece. However, measuring the accuracy of brick making machines solely based on static accuracy is not very accurate. This is because the mechanical strength of the cement brick making machine itself has a significant impact on the stamping accuracy.

If the strength of the brick making machine itself is low, it will cause the brick making machine tool to deform at the moment of reaching the punching pressure. This way, even if the above conditions are adjusted well in static state, the sample bed will deform and differ due to the influence of strength.

From this, it can be seen that the accuracy and strength of the brick making machine are closely related, and the size of the strength has a great impact on the stamping work. Therefore, in high-precision workpiece punching and cold stamping production with strong continuity, it is necessary to choose brick making machines with higher accuracy and high rigidity.

The cement brick making machine is a versatile brick making machine with exquisite structure. With a wide range of applications and high production efficiency, brick making machines can be widely used in cutting, punching, blanking, bending, riveting, and forming processes.

By applying strong pressure to metal billets, the metal undergoes plastic deformation and fracture to be processed into parts. During the operation of the mechanical brick making machine, the electric motor drives the large belt pulley through a triangular belt, and drives the crank slider mechanism through a gear pair and clutch, causing the slider and punch to move in a straight line. After the mechanical brick making machine completes the forging work, the slider moves up, the clutch automatically disengages, and the automatic device on the crank shaft is connected to stop the slider near the top dead center.

Before operating the cement brick making machine, it must undergo an idle test run and confirm that all parts are normal before it can start working. Before starting the machine, all unnecessary items on the workbench should be cleaned to prevent the sliding block from suddenly starting due to driving vibration, falling or hitting the switch. Tools must be used for operation, and it is strictly prohibited to directly reach into the mold mouth to retrieve objects. Hand tools must not be placed on the mold.
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Post time: Jul-17-2023