The features of Hercules automatic brick making machine

Hercules brick making machine, the technology used in this equipment is the leading technology in China. The outstanding features of the equipment are reasonable design and compact structure. Construction waste and other solid waste treatment equipment to achieve full automation, automatic feeding, crushing and automatic screening of one-stop production; The environment-friendly automatic block forming equipment realizes directional vibration, and the frequency conversion brake can immediately eliminate the energy consumption without manual distribution, which greatly reduces the labor intensity. Pressure up and down, strong vibration, especially suitable for the production of high-strength blocks, which can be stacked after forming.

One machine is multi-purpose and can produce blocks of various specifications with different molds. The machine body is made of high-precision and high-strength castings and special welding technology and materials, with good rigidity, shock resistance, long service life, super load design, refined action, forced blanking and low noise. The machine adopts advanced forced distribution mode, which makes the machine have the characteristics of wide applicability of raw materials, fast and uniform distribution, high yield and leading environmental protection performance among domestic models. The technology of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration is adopted to make each cycle process of equipment operation consistent, so the stability of formed products is high and the scrap rate is low. One machine is multi-purpose. By changing the mold, it can produce cement products such as porous brick, hollow block, kerb, pavement brick, grass tree brick, slope protection brick and so on. With fabric device, it can produce color road paver and other products.

Post time: May-17-2022