The environmental protection brick making equipment production line

The environmental protection brick making equipment production line of Honcha Company, as a new type of cement brick machine, provides accurate metering and feeding, high-speed mixing, and rapid prototyping, which simplifies the production process, saves manpower, and is low-carbon. The entire production process does not discharge wastewater or smoke, and the noise does not damage farmland, making it a green and environmentally friendly production line. Special additives, combined with scientific and reasonable formulas, can ensure that the main technical indicators of the produced products fully meet national requirements. The company has strong research and development capabilities, and can also customize formula ratios based on different local raw materials of users, ensuring that the products produced by investors are qualified. The company not only has a variety of different models for investors to choose from, but also can send people to conduct on-site inspections according to customer requirements, funds, and site conditions, and tailor investment plans and equipment configurations. On site technical training, on-site guidance for installation and debugging, providing a complete set of turnkey engineering services to ensure that every customer we serve is put into production and profitable。1607998225(1)

Post time: Apr-14-2023