The compressive structural performance of cement brick machine can withstand the test of time

At the technical level, the sources of raw materials for the production of unburned bricks produced by the unburned brick machine are rich, and now the increasing construction waste provides a reliable raw material supply guarantee for the unburned bricks. The technology and process level of Honcha non fired brick machine is at the leading level in China. As we know, the product performance depends on the characteristics of raw materials and the formed machinery. According to the inspection of the national wall and roof material quality inspection center, the structural performance of the brick produced by the non fired brick machine is higher than that of the traditional clay red brick, the capacity and water absorption are better than the ordinary concrete brick, and the dry shrinkage and thermal conductivity are smaller than those of ordinary concrete products. In short, various actual professional test data show that the compressive structural performance of unburned brick is better than that of traditional red brick. It can withstand the test of history and time, and is of positive significance to environmental protection.


Post time: Sep-22-2021