Preventive Measures for Failure of Cement Brick Machine Equipment


In fact, professional technicians, maintenance personnel, maintenance workers, and company presidents of cement brick machines know that the management plan for common problems in cement brick machines relies on prevention. If preventive work such as maintenance, inspection, and elimination is ensured, the cement brick machine will naturally have a good operation. Based on the discussions of professional and technical personnel such as cement brick machines and color pavement brick machines, this article summarizes the following preventive measures that should be selected for common problems related to mechanical equipment. I hope to be able to assist you.

To prevent the frequent occurrence of common problems in cement brick machine equipment, it is necessary to attach importance to the common problem management process. The “four elements” repeatedly presented based on common faults, namely, problem analysis, defect improvement, lateral deployment, and standardization, ensure rapid maintenance, and control common faults of machinery and equipment.

Not only cement and brick machines, but also all common and difficult problems of brick machines should be quickly resolved. According to the four elements of the common problem management plan, a statistical analysis report of common problem data should be compiled. Enterprises should request employees to analyze common problems that exceed extraordinary ones as much as possible, and stop reporting as soon as possible. In addition, persistently track and provide detailed guidance on data analysis methods for common problems, gradually improving ideological and logical work skills, and preparing for the second half of the work.

For cement brick machines with low operating efficiency and concentrated common problems, it is recommended to implement a management system of “daily inspection and tracking by mechanical equipment personnel”, and to stop recording the operation. Stop persistent tracking of non common problems, develop tracking plan plans, and standardize prevention work until the maximum control is achieved. This can quickly reduce the frequency of some common problems from time to time, and improve the operational efficiency of the cement brick machine.

Post time: Mar-17-2023