Performance of non fired brick machine

Performance of non fired brick machine
1. Forming machine frame: Made of high-strength steel and special welding process, extremely sturdy.

2. Guide column: Made of super strong special steel, with chrome plated surface and excellent resistance to torsion and wear.

3. Brick making machine mold pressure head: Electromechanical hydraulic synchronous drive, with minimal height error for the same pallet product, and good product consistency. picture

4. Distributor: Adopting sensing and hydraulic proportional drive technology, forced centrifugal discharge is achieved under the action of a swinging distributor, resulting in fast and uniform distribution of materials, which is particularly beneficial for thin wall multi row hole products.

5. Vibrator: Driven by electro-hydraulic technology and a multi-source vibration system, it is hydraulically driven to generate vertical synchronous vibration under computer control. The frequency auxiliary is adjustable, realizing the working principle of low-frequency feeding and high-frequency forming. It can achieve good compaction effect on different raw materials, and the vibration acceleration can reach 17.5 levels.

6. Control system: Brick machine PLC computer control, human-machine interface, electrical appliances using international brands, control program comprehensive 38 years of actual production experience, combined with international development trends, designed and written to meet national conditions, achieving no need for professionals, simple training can be operated, and powerful memory can be upgraded.

7. Material storage and distribution device: Controlled by a computer for material supply, it avoids external and internal pressure on the material, ensures uniform and consistent supply, and minimizes product strength errors.

Post time: Jun-02-2023