Non burning brick machine

In order to meet the needs of more people and enrich consumers’ choice of brick types, non burning brick machine equipment needs to be constantly updated to use the changing market. Now the emergence of new type of non burning brick machine equipment, so that the production of bricks become more colorful.

The color of the new type non burning brick machine equipment is more attractive. The color free brick machine equipment is mainly colorful, which has opened up a new road in the production of traditional brick machine equipment. We should know that the development of things cannot do without the power of innovation, that is, the new color is put into the traditional brick machine, and the color free brick machine equipment is born, and the colored brick paving on the road surface is particularly important Beautiful, its beautiful appearance completely conforms to the characteristics of beautifying the environment, but its production process is unknown to many people.


The production process of color concrete is not very complicated. It is almost the same as the most traditional concrete production. You just need to mix the pigment of the color you want, and then you can make the color you want. At present, the color non burning brick machines on the market have secondary distribution system. After installing this system, you only need to install the production operation method to add various colors Color, the method is very simple, this is the biggest feature of the color brick machine, after laying this kind of road brick, you will find that it has many advantages, such as high strength, good wear resistance, for the area with more rain, it has strong water permeability, and wear resistance is relatively good, etc., it has been recognized in the market, the colored pavement brick is mixed by color concrete The raw materials are cement, aggregate, pigment and additives, which can produce the color you want. In recent years, with the development of urbanization in China, the construction of municipal, garden, residential area and so on all need to be paved with paving bricks. After having colored bricks, through the different shapes of each brick and the combination of various colors, a unique effect can be created People have a deeper understanding of this kind of different color of road bricks, it has a pleasant decorative effect on people watching, in addition, it has a positive role in promoting the beautification of urban roads.

The most important point is the color non burning brick machine equipment. The construction waste non burning brick machine has a secondary distribution system. Various colors can be added when installing the production operation method. If it is the first time to purchase the brick machine equipment,

Post time: Oct-13-2020