Maintenance and cleaning of hydraulic brick making machine

The maintenance of the hydraulic brick making machine must be completed according to the time and content specified in the daily point inspection table of production equipment and the periodic lubrication maintenance and maintenance record form of liquid pressing brick machine. Other maintenance work depends on the needs and is mastered by the operators themselves. Comprehensive cleaning of hydraulic brick making machine: the powder pushing frame, grille, sliding plate and the part of mold contact table should be specially cleaned. Check the condition of dust proof ring of main piston: its function is to protect the ram sliding sleeve. Lubricate the ram sliding sleeve (use the grease gun equipped with the machine, add oil manually, and inject it from the equipped oil port). Check ejection mechanism: check for oil leakage and screw looseness. Check that all nuts and bolts are tight. Oil filtration cycle: after the first 500 hours, then every 1000 hours. Clean the interior of the power distribution cabinet: use proper dust suction device to suck out all foreign substances, clean electronic and electrical components (not air blowing), and use ether to clean contactors.


Replace the filter element: when the filter element is blocked, SP1, SP4 and SP5 make the display display failure notification. At this time, all the notified components of the hydraulic brick making machine should be replaced. Clean the filter housing thoroughly every time the filter element is replaced, and if the filter 79 is replaced, the filter 49 (in the oil tank pumped by pump 58) is also replaced. Check the seals every time you open the filter housing. Check for leakage: check the logic element and valve seat for oil leakage, and check the oil level in the oil leakage recovery device. Check the variable oil transfer pump: check the seal for wear.

Post time: Oct-21-2020