How to make it–Block Curing (3)

Low pressure Steam Curing

Steam curing at atmospheric pressure at temperature of 65ºC in a curing chamber accelerates the hardening process. The main benefit of steam curing is the rapid strength gain in the units, which allows them to be placed in inventory within hours after they are molded. 2-4 days after molding, the compressive strength of the blocks will be 90% or more of the final ultimate strength. Besides, steam curing produces units of lighter color than is usually obtained with natural curing.

Initial temperature of the concrete shall not be raised above 48ºC for a minimum of 2 hours after the units have been cast

The rate of increase after 2 hour period shall not exceed 15°C/hr and the maximum temperature shall not exceed 65ºC.

The maximum temperature shall be held for a period sufficient to develop the required strength (4-5 hours)

Rate of decrease in temperature shall not exceed 10ºC/hr.

Units shall be kept covered for a minimum of 24 hours after casting.

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