Full Automatic Chine Bake Free Brick Machine

With the constant growth of science and technology, the appearance of machined products has put forward new requirements for the technology and configuration of automatic unburned brick machine. Nowadays, the competition of full-automatic unburned brick machine is becoming increasingly fierce. The future full-automatic unburned brick machine will automate the common industry, promote the overall progress of the configuration of full-automatic unburned brick machine, and grow a full-automatic unburned brick machine configuration with multiple achievements, high efficiency and low consumption. Complete the mechanical and electrical integration of the full-automatic unburned brick machine. The traditional full-automatic unburned brick machine mostly adopts the unburned brick machine type control, such as the cam distribution shaft type. Later, the photoelectric control, pneumatic control and other control situations appeared. However, with the increasing progress of the processing technology, the request for the parameters of the automatic unburned brick machine keeps increasing, and the original control system has been unable to meet the need for growth, so new technologies should be adopted to change the appearance of the automatic unburned brick machine. Today’s fully automatic unburned brick machine is an electronic configuration of unburned brick machine that integrates machine, electricity, gas, light and magnetism. In the scheme, efforts should be made to improve the automation level of the fully automatic unburned brick machine, combine the research and development of the fully automatic unburned brick machine with the strategic machine, and complete the electromechanical integration control. www.honcha cn。 The essence of mechatronics is to start from the perspective of system, apply the principle of process control, and organically combine the technologies related to unburned brick machine, electronics and information, detection, etc. to achieve the optimization of the group./u18-15-pallet-free-block-machine.html

Post time: Dec-26-2022