Daily inspection items of automatic hydraulic brick machine

Whether the oil level and oil quality of the vibration exciter matched with the full-automatic hydraulic brick machine are qualified and meet the requirements, whether the screen box, each beam, screen plate and screen wood are loose or dropped, whether the triangle belt is appropriate, whether the universal coupling is in good condition, whether the screen hole is damaged or blocked, etc. Check whether there are foreign matters on the vibration of the full-automatic hydraulic brick machine, check whether all shields such as exciter shield and spring shield are fixed and reliable, and check whether the screen box can vibrate freely. If there is any problem, it should be handled before starting the machine.

There is jamming between the vibration and the chute of the automatic hydraulic brick machine, whether the feeding chute is jammed with large blocks, whether the discharge chute has accumulated fine slime, whether the dust cover above the screen is loose, whether the dust-proof cover used is too tight, whether the dust-proof position is appropriate, whether the coal accumulation in the chute before and below the screen, and whether the distance between the screen machine and the feeding chute and the discharge chute meet the requirements.


Post time: Nov-10-2020