Daily inspection and maintenance of hydraulic oil and other components of brick machine equipment

The production of brick machine equipment requires the concerted cooperation of employees. When safety hazards are found, they should be promptly noted and reported, and corresponding handling measures should be taken in a timely manner. The following points should be noted:

Whether the tanks of various energy liquids or anti-corrosion liquids such as gasoline and hydraulic oil for brick machine equipment are rusted and corroded; Whether water pipes, hydraulic pipes, airflow pipes and other pipelines are broken or blocked; Check if there is any oil leakage in each oil tank part; Whether the joint connections of each device are loose; Whether the lubricating oil in the active parts of each production equipment is sufficient; Record the usage time and frequency of the mold, and check for deformation;

Whether the hydraulic press, controller, dosing equipment and other instruments of the brick machine equipment are normal; Are there any accumulated debris on the production line and site; Whether the anchor screws of the host and supporting equipment are tightened; Whether the grounding of motor equipment is normal; Whether the warning signs of each department in the production site are sound; Whether the safety protection facilities of production equipment are normal; Is the fire protection facilities in the brick machine production site sound and normal.


Post time: Jul-03-2023