Brick production line of construction waste

The overall structure of the brick making machine is compact, durable, safe and reliable. The whole process of PLC intelligent control, simple and clear operation. The hydraulic vibration and pressing system of colleges and universities ensures the high strength and high quality of products. Special wear-resistant steel material, to ensure long-term use, effectively reduce mold costs. Construction waste brick making machine is a kind of brick machine, equipment and other brick machine equipment are similar, but the production of raw materials is not the same. With the progress of the times and the development of industry, construction waste can be seen everywhere. Construction waste brick making machine has become a necessary brick making equipment.

1585725139(1)The brick production line of construction waste takes construction waste as raw material, takes energy saving, consumption reduction and emission reduction as the design guiding ideology, and on the basis of drawing lessons from advanced technology at home and abroad, and according to the actual situation of China, creatively designs and develops an automatic production line of environmental protection, energy saving and non burning bricks with independent intellectual property rights. have:

1. Frequency modulation and amplitude modulation vibration is adopted to achieve the purpose of high compactness and energy saving even without burning recycled brick;

2. Using construction waste as raw material to produce unburned recycled brick, various kinds of non fired recycled brick can be produced, such as standard brick, load-bearing hollow brick, light aggregate hollow brick, footpath and lane combination non burning recycled brick, lawn non fired recycled brick, boundary non fired recycled brick, revetment non fired recycled brick, etc., and mold can be made according to the required shape and size

3. Compact structure, flexible matching, high production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection;

4. Modular design, easy to install, repair and maintain;

5. High degree of automation and easy operation;

6. Low manufacturing cost.

Post time: Oct-08-2020