Block forming machine

Since the birth of the block making machine, the country has paid more and more attention to the development of green building. At present, only part of the buildings in large cities can meet the national standards. The core content of green building is what kind of wall materials can be used to really save the cost of the building. On the other hand, how can we better protect the environment, and realize the real development of economy and environment together Sustainable development. The block making machine itself is a kind of machine that can realize the reuse of resources and save energy. It is a new type of brick machine in China. It has many characteristics that the clay brick machine does not have. The block machine has developed from basic brick machine to various types of brick machine such as surface supporting brick machine, cement brick machine, hollow brick machine, etc. the new type of block forming machine has compact structure, large pressing force, strong rigidity and simple operation Single, high output, durable and other features, block machine feeder speed change, rotary disk rotation and other parts of the use of advanced technology, large power transmission, stable operation, accurate in place, low maintenance rate advantages. According to the requirements of modern buildings, the block forming machine can save energy consumption. The building built with new wall materials can save about 32 materials. The outer layer of the building is inspired by the construction principle of the heat preservation bottle. The optimized heat preservation and insulation technology is adopted to form the temperature buffer part from inside to outside by different separation and construction methods, which will play a significant role in energy conservation.
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Post time: May-19-2023