Advantages of hollow brick machine in producing finished bricks

Honcha hollow brick machine factory is specialized in producing high-quality hollow brick equipment in the long-term production research. Advanced production technology is adopted in the quality assurance of products, and the price of hollow brick machine is also guaranteed to be low in the market, especially in the face of the high prospect in the current market

The new production technology ensures that the finished hollow brick does not need sintering, and can be formed after natural curing and normal temperature steam curing. The main supporting equipment of the hollow brick machine is the hollow brick machine, which is commonly known as the brick press or hydraulic brick machine. The raw materials of the block brick machine are very wide, and the reasonable proportion of raw materials and cement is used to make the finished brick It is equipped with raw material conveyor, crusher and so on. The hollow brick machine is widely used for wall filling materials in the construction industry. The new type of hollow brick machine is made of various cement bricks, bread bricks, hollow bricks and standard bricks by pressing fly ash and other raw materials. It not only effectively saves land resources, protects the natural environment, but also promotes the development of urban and rural labor Power employment, is the ideal equipment for the majority of users to get rich quickly. The block brick machine has the advantages of compact structure, large pressing force, strong rigidity, fully sealed dust-proof, circular lubrication, simple operation, high output and durable. The feeding mechanism speed change, rotary disc rotation and other parts adopt foreign advanced technology, which has the advantages of large power transmission, stable operation, accurate in place, low maintenance rate and so on Using this kind of equipment not only ensures that it has many advantages in producing finished bricks, but also pays attention to the raw materials for production. It uses construction waste, coal cinder and other industrial wastes, which can reduce the waste for the country and make secondary use at the same time. This good production mode is highly praised by the country.

sdfsThe utility model not only has the advantages of short production time and a lot of people, but also greatly saves the production cycle.

Post time: Mar-29-2021