Hollow brick machine equipment production line: products with a wide range of uses and diverse types

There are various types of hollow brick products, which can be divided into ordinary blocks, decorative blocks, insulation blocks, sound-absorbing blocks, and other types according to their usage functions. According to the structural form of blocks, they are divided into sealed blocks, unsealed blocks, grooved blocks, and grooved blocks. According to the shape of the cavity, it is divided into square hole blocks and circular hole blocks. According to the arrangement of voids, it is divided into single row hole blocks, double row hole blocks, and multi row hole blocks. According to the aggregate, it is divided into ordinary concrete small hollow blocks and lightweight aggregate small hollow blocks. The production line of Hercules hollow brick machine equipment is a high-end configuration model of Honcha Company, which is embedded with internationally advanced technology, The “heart” vibration system of its equipment adopts patented technology from Honcha Company, fully considering the reasonable matching of various material parameters during the forming cycle. Through computer control of the ratio combination, it ensures the high fidelity, high strength and other characteristics of the product. By replacing the mold or adjusting the equipment parameters, different types of hollow bricks can be produced. Currently, this production line is widely applicable to large rabbit fired block manufacturers.

Post time: May-29-2023